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Morabito Baking Company began in 1932...

In the depth of the great depression, Michael Angelo Morabito, Sr. starts baking bread in a oven from a rented bakery. His 12 children help deliver freshly baked bread on the way to school or help bake bread at night.

1957 Michael Angelo Morabito, Jr. rejoins the family bakery after 6 years in the service as a naval aviator. He promptly purchases a 45,000 square foot building to replace the 4,000 square foot plant.
1962 On a trip to the West Coast, Michael Jr. picks up a piece of "starter dough." Upon his return home, he starts baking authentic (no chemicals, sugar, or shortening) sourdough bread.
1966 Sourdough takes off in NYC, serving Waldorf Astoria, Plaza Hotel, and major international airlines such as Pan-Am, Lufthansa, and TWA Air France.
1978 Michael Jr., now sole owner after buying out his two partner brothers, starts expansion of route sales to new territories.
1981 Morabito Baking Company using professional baking skills and modifying to USA tastes, starts production of pita breads. Within two years, Sunberry Pita becomes the largest selling pita in the Washington/Baltimore area.
1982 Michael Jr.'s oldest son, Michael Angelo Morabito III, joins the baking company after completing his MBA as well as an apprentice program at Entenman's Bakery, NY.
1983 "Michaelangelo" Italian Bread line is developed to meet demands for crusty brick oven type Italian Bread. Once again, Morabito Baking Company proves to be a trend maker.
1984 Rumpoles' Rye bread line is introduced to satisfy demand for hearth baked authentic rye. Quickly, it becomes the standard in the Philadelphia Markets. Old fashioned wet sour baking techniques are employed to bring back the authentic European style flavor.
1987 Sunberry Sourdough Bread is introduced in the Florida Market via Publix Markets. It immediately catches on and all competing supermarket chains get on the bandwagon.
1988 Backed by extraordinary customer requests, Sunberry develops mail order sourdough program. A Winkler String Line, 1 of only 15 in North America, is purchased to produce long french sandwich rolls as well as special breads.
1989 Morabito Baking Company completes distribution of product to all East Coast States from Maine to Florida.
1993 Morabito Baking Company creates signature bread for East Side Mario's restaurant chain, soon to be America's largest premier Italian restaurants.
1994 Florida business increases 40% over corresponding period in 1993 with arrival of a full time salesman.

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